GLS Catering Services, Facility Management, Remote Site Management, Oil rigs, House-keeping


Our team of highly trained and experienced chefs serve up a whole range of culinary delights on a daily basis to our clients, regardless of the size of their staff.

We take care to work closely with our clients, ensuring the best possible choice of menu so as to enhance their employees' dining experience.

The delicious meals that we provide are both tasty and packed with nutritional goodness, whether they are prepared and served onsite or delivered to the workplace ready for consumption.

GLS also looks after onsite cafeteria and coffee shop arrangements so that food and beverages are always available according to the needs of each individual place of work. This includes the provision of drinks and pastries for meetings with any number of participants.

Our corporate events department looks after the catering and management of conferences and large scale corporate and publicity events.

At work time is always of the essence. By assessing the specificities of each site, we are able to design and install the most appropriate kitchen and dining hall structure, making sure that our meals will be served extremely efficiently in an enjoyable atmosphere. With such dedication being invested in the preparation of food, excellent decor and service facilities really are the icing on the cake.

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