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Corporate Events

Corporate events serve a clear purpose: to advertise a company's services, to attract new clientele and to reinforce relationships with existing clients whilst rewarding them for their loyalty. For such occasions to be a roaring success, intricate planning and coordination is essential.

The skilled events management team at GLS has acquired many years of valuable experience in this domain and truly are masters of their art.

A close working partnership with our clients ensures that each event is tailored to their specific needs of the moment and that all of their requisites are incorporated into the planning - nothing should be left to chance.

Once the aims and brief have been established, we work our magic, taking care of all logistic arrangements including, but not exclusively, administration and marketing, selection of venue, catering and service, decor and entertainment.

We always introduce the vital ingredients to ensure that these events are a success and that our clients are the talk of the town.


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