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Remote Site Management

Within the framework of our remote site management package, GLS provides a wide range of services to our clients who are active in diverse markets and fields such as oil rigs, construction sites, mines, gas pipelines and army camps, notably peace-keeping forces.

Employees living and working in this type of remote location do so in extreme conditions.

We take care of the entire organizational, management and logistics side at these sites, making the conditions of the environment in which they live and work as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

At GLS we understand that working conditions, environments, traditions, cuisine and customs can vary enormously from site to site, from sector to sector and from company to company. Our vast experience and expertise enable us to assess each individual case and to adapt our services and approach accordingly whilst remaining true to our corporate values.

The services we offer range from catering, medical care, laundry and housekeeping services to the installation of industrial machines and accommodation arrangements.

An eye for detail and organisational excellence is our strong point. We would be happy to let your company and staff benefit from our skills and experience.

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